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Pony Magazine Mini Sampler #1

Pony Magazine Mini Sampler #1 Welcome to Pony Magazine Mini Sampler available to all non members and existing members, a taste of MCG’s very own monthly magazine featuring awesome exclusive images from all of our shoots. We wanted to keep the tradition of print alive, the mag can be viewed here on screen (don’t forget to hit the fullscreen button) or individually printed on high end art stock and delivered straight to your door. These images only appear in Pony and will not be available anywhere else on the site (As this is a free sampler these images do appear in the downloadable sets). In the future we have plans to expand the mag by featuring submitted content – as well as exclusive shoots. To access the magazine you will need use the password below, Pony Magazine is available in print via the MCG Hero Tier. Thanks Team MCG

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Pony Magazine Mini Sampler #1 password: PpAim!@i9qcb81hRZTQ#
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