About us…

3 years ago we set out to create a website where we could showcase our art nude photographic & motion creative vision. Previous to this, as a team, we had all been working in the UK nude photographic industry, such as Maxim & FHM, since the 90’s and were seeing our industry being rapidly eroded by the internets influence. So we decided to launch an art nude site as an alternative to the harder imagery readily available online. We launched May Contain Girl in 2016 as a members only website, and it was an instant hit, however due to various issues, technical and financial, the site just could not survive. So rather than see it disappear we have decided to re-launch it via Patreon to see if this could make it viable. So we hope you will join us and support us on this new venture so that we can all continue to enjoy great nude art. We have also now launched our own magazine Pony in digital and print. Thanks Team MCG