Joey Fisher is energy efficient…

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. Or maybe don’t, because Joey’s here and wants to play, so maybe we can all stay indoors and get cosy together. Not quite as catchy as the nursery rhyme, but zero f*cks given. What better way to kill some time when it’s cold and grey outside, than to whack up the heating and hang out in your undies? Joey seemed game, so we did just that. Needless to say we all warmed up quick sharp and the thermostat went off.

FROM: Cardiff AGE: 22 BORN: May 5th 1993 VITAL STATISTICS: BUST: 32GG, WAIST: 27″, HIPS: 33″ HEIGHT: 5ft8 SHOE: Size 5 EYES: Hazel HAIR: Dark brown STAR SIGN: Taurus

3 words that best describe your personality: Hmmm I’m bubbly, funny and sarcastic haha

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