Lucy Vixen bottomless brunch…

Lazy Sunday mornings with Vixen are all about the three b’s; bed, brunch and being seductive (ok, we slightly cheated on that last one). Safe to say we didn’t boil the kettle, we didn’t turn the TV on and we certainly didn’t make the bed. Vixen is the best kind of distraction and we wanted to hang out all day, but once those re-runs of Columbo started, she kicked us out the door.

FROM: Warwick AGE: 27 BORN: March 3rd 1989 VITAL STATISTICS: BUST: 34H WAIST:32 HIPS:44, HEIGHT: 5ft6 SHOE: Size 6 EYES: Grey HAIR: Flame Red STAR SIGN: Pisces

3 words that best describe your personality: Crazy, Wobbly and Fun.

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