Courtnie Quinlan likes to play games…

We thought we’d create a little game of virtual ‘I spy’ with Courtnie Q, and see how long she could distract you from finding what it is. So let’s see: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘C’…nope, not clothes… nothing else? Let’s try another one: I spy something beginning with ‘B’. We’ll give you a clue, it’s not bed and its not blinds. CORRECT! It’s Booty (but we’ll also let you have boobs).

FROM: Plymouth AGE: 24 BORN: May 20th 1992 VITAL STATISTICS: BUST: 30DD, WAIST: 23″, HIPS: 30″ HEIGHT: 5ft4 SHOE: Size 4 EYES: Hazel HAIR: Dark Brown STAR SIGN: Taurus

3 words that best describe your personality: Animal-lover, athletic and fun loving

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FULL VIDEO (TOPLESS & NUDE): RUNTIME 14m 48s (Members only)

This Video contains topless and implied nudity. All videos are uploaded at 1080HD.

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