Kelly Hall gives a guided tour…

Mirror mirror on the wall, why is Kelly so damn fit? Kelly shuts herself away for some ‘one on one‘ time – one being her and one being you. Watch as Kel takes control with the selfie cam and gives you a tour of her bedroom, boobs and bum. To be precise: four walls, a bed, a mirror, side boob, front boob, underboob, and a bare booty. Kel being the little Love that she is even sends you off with a goodbye kiss.

FROM: London AGE: 25 BORN: May 29th 1990 VITAL STATISTICS: BUST: 30D, WAIST: 25″, HIPS: 32″ HEIGHT: 5ft7 SHOE: Size 6 EYES: Green/Blue HAIR: Brown STAR SIGN: Gemini

3 words that best describe your personality: Bubbly, cheeky, fun

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FULL VIDEO (TOPLESS & NUDE): RUNTIME 23m 13s (Members only)

This Video contains topless and implied nudity. All videos are uploaded at 1080HD.

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