Emma Glover gets curvy in the MCG Blue room...

Emma Glover didn’t get her beautifully curvy body from Argos. No, she worked hard on it using a combination of underwater karate and long hot days of gruelling samba dancing right in the middle of the Sahara dessert. Emma is also careful to watch what she eats. Put a bag of chips and pickles in front of her and she’ll smack them from your hand with such force they’ll land in the middle of tomorrow. (We need to clarify this as on Emma‘s last shoot we found her eating all the lunch leftovers in the kitchen – Team MCG) Watch as Emma shares some of her yoga moves in a shoot that turns up the spice-o-meter to eleven.

FROM: Essex AGE: 27 BORN: June 6th 1988 VITAL STATISTICS: BUST: 32F, WAIST: 24, HIPS: 32″ HEIGHT: 5ft7″ SHOE: Size 6 EYES: Blue HAIR: Dark Brown STAR SIGN: Gemini

3 words that best describe your personality: Tenacious, honest, hungry (always hungry!)

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This Gallery contains topless and implied nudity. Images are supplied on site full screen with download links to MCG Ultra Size (4000px by 2667px) & MCG Super Size (2500px by 1667px)

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